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Michigan Students and Alumni for the Defense of Prisoners Rights

The Michigan Students and Alumni for the Defense of Prisoners Rights is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to raising money for prisoners legal defense, identifying cases wherein the rights of prisoners are being infringed upon in any capacity, facilitating means for prisoners to have legal representation to defend their constitutional rights, and defending human and civil rights secured by the law.

We have some updates for everyone! Thanks to all of our donors so far, we have reached the initial goal of five thousands dollars for Dr. Kaczynski's legal defense. We are in the process of enlisting legal support for Dr. Kaczynski. The initial 5k drive is going to be replaced by a supplemental fund-drive - see the Donorbox link for more information. More news coming soon!


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Ted Kaczynski Legal Defense Help

From time immemorial, the suppression of ideas has been the main goal of governmental power. From Socrates to Thoreau, the history of philosophy is replete with people who have sacrificed for the sake of higher truths, and for noble causes.Ted Kaczynski is the most recent of these illustrious individuals.  His one-man rebellion against the technological system was based on the profoundly unnatural way in which humans interact with nature, and on the many dehumanizing aspects of any technological society. Kaczynski's campaign culminated in the publishing of his manifesto, Industrial Society and its Future, shortly after which he was sentenced to solitary life imprisonment inside of the awful American prison system. During his incarceration, Kaczynski has attempted to maintain his philosophical research and the spreading of rebellious ideals. While incarcerated, he has published two separate books: Technological Slavery in 2010, and Anti-Tech Revolution in 2015. However, the federal prison system is trying to take away Kaczynski's ability to write and communicate with the outside world, and silence his voice. The funds raised here will go towards creating a proper defense for Kaczynski's voice.  With this initiative, our goal is to raise enough money to create a legal defense fund for Ted Kaczynski that will fight on his behalf for what little freedom he retains.


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We need all kinds of help! Also, we would love to respond to any questions you have about what we want to do!

         The Deafening Problem

America, while having only 4% of the world's population, houses 22% of all prisoners worldwide. Too many Americans are being falsely or overly imprisoned, and the system is inherently oppressive.  Is that the society you want to live in?

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